A Winter Wedding in Pickerington, Ohio

Kaitlin & Tim met through a dating app while Tim happened to be at an airport in Kaitlin's home city during his layover. His layover was long enough that they were able to go on a date. And here we are, a month after their wedding day. It's amazing how God orchestrates our stories so beautifully. Throughout the whole day I witnessed a ton of emotion. From Kaitlin's first look with her Dad, to the first look with Tim, to the maid of honor speech, and Kaitlin's first dance with her Dad, tears from an overwhelming amount of love and joy were shed. It was such an honor to witness such a special day. The couple honored God so well during the ceremony, speaking of the meaning of marriage and how a husband and wife becoming one represents Jesus Christ and His church. It was a blessing to be reminded of those truths and to see the beginning of a beautiful marriage with Jesus at the center. I am so grateful for my friend Britt bringing me along as her second shooter. It was such a good time shooting with her and laughing at the dancing during the reception!


2/14/20220 min read