A Dreamy Couples Session in Paris, France

My husband, Aaron, and I were in Paris, France in March and we met these two, Trent & Kalvine, while we were there spending time in the park right next to the Eiffel Tower. I could tell they were visiting because they took pictures of one another on a disposable camera in front of the Eiffel Tower. When Kalvine looked up after taking the photo of Trent, she smiled at me. I'd been looking for a couple to take photos of while we were there, so her smile gave me the confidence to ask if they'd be my models. They said yes, which was the biggest blessing, not only because I got to take photos of them, but because we made new friends! These two are so kind and fun, and I'm so happy their love for one another came out in these photos, even though our session was only like 15-20 minutes long. When I first started taking their photos, Kalvine asked if Trent was proposing and this was a secret planned photoshoot to capture the proposal. I was so shocked because the thought that she might think that hadn't entered my mind, and I said no but I wished it had been a planned proposal! That would have been even more of a dream!! I do hope we run into each other again some day. I'm going to make taking photos of random couples a tradition in the new places we go!